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J.TECH Research and Development


“We study light and salt, and in our work we will reveal
the role of light and salt, and surely fulfill it.”

Developed an eco-friendly HOCL generator of electrolyte circulation that “suppresses the source producing high-temperature disinfection by-products“

Diagram of smart field-generated small-scale disinfection equipment

Commercializing the improved facility applied with the technology of circulating electrolytes to “suppress the generation of disinfection by-products” in post-processing facilities
Developed a real-time spectroscopic HOCL densitometer and control system for safe HOCL production and storage/medication injection control
Developed a HOCL generator of electrolyte circulation for seawater electrolysis facilities for antifouling technology for the protection of offshore plant facilities
Developed an eco-friendly real-time active treatment electrolyte generator for laver farming to protect the coastal marine environment
Developed an eco-friendly water softening system with an electrolysis method that does not use ion exchange resin and brine
Developed smart advanced water treatment facilities applying next-generation plasma technology