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Sodium hypochlorite generator &
Various Water treatment device

Core technology of
Green Smart™

Core technology

Electrolysis technology of electrolyte circulation

A technology that repeatedly circulates electrolytes with constant temperature control (15℃~35℃) to ensure that the temperature of the diluted brine can be raised as desired, and the temperature of the electrolysis tank and produced HOCL can be lowered to the required temperature by branching a certain amount of electrolyte from the rear end of the electrolysis tank and mixing with diluted brine.

Eco-friendly electrode, wash-free electrolysis technology

An eco-friendly electrode, wash-free technology that does not require periodic hydrochloric acid cleaning of electrodes with the “electrode cleaning effect” that suppresses the generation of electrode scale and adsorbs and removes scale from the electrode as the cations of the diluted brine act with dissolved hydrogen, microbubbles, and anions  during the electrolyte circulation.

Resolving winter/summer problems and saving electric energy of the flame-retardant generator

Prevents electrode damage (cracks) caused by the low temperature of the diluted brine inflow in winter and prevents the rapid increase of harmful by-products caused by the high temperature inside the electrolyzer in summer as the electrolyte that has passed through the temperature control device mixes with the diluted brine to control the temperature.

Layer 1

Water Circulation

Layer 1

Production of High Purity NaOCI
(Standard : Ministry of the
Environment ME)

Layer 1

Visualization and Analysis of
Concentration in Real Time
(ICT Convergence)

Layer 1

Scale Suppression
(Green Technology)

Layer 1

Energy Saving
(Greenhouse Gas Saving)

Layer 1

Chlorate Suppression (CIO3- )
(Pure NaOCI Production)

Electrolyzer schematic diagram

Scale-free cell technology
(eco-friendly technology)

[Scale-adsorbed electrode]


[Scale-free electrode after 5 years of operation]

System Configuration Diagram

Green Smart™ specifications

Technical Certification

▪︎ Performance certification
▪︎ Certification of Green Product Technology
▪︎ Certification of Excellent R&D Innovative Product (No.2020-015)

Facility configuration

▪︎ Electrolysis circulation device (Patent No. 10-1378917)
▪︎ Water-cooled chiller electrolysis tank
▪︎ Brine dilution device
▪︎ Control panel and rectifier
▪︎ Hydrogen exhaust system
▪︎ NaOCl storage tank
▪︎ Salt storage tank
▪︎ A real-time NaOCl concentration measuring device OSA500S (Patent No.10-2182384)

Effective chlorine concentration

▪︎ Diaphragm-free: 0.8%~1.0% (settable) (Patent No. 10-1510455)

Phylogenetic description

▪︎ A device that supplies 3% brine to the electrolysis tank and electrolyzes it to produce 0.8%~1.0% (settable) HOCL.

Core technology
Disinfection by-product / scale control method

▪︎ Controls chlorate (ClO₃), a harmful by-product that rapidly increases at high temperatures above 45℃ by displaying HOCL concentration produced in real-time and the temperature of the electrolyte circulating through a water-cooled heat exchanger. When mixing cooled electrolytic circulating water and diluted brine, the electrode scale is suppressed and removed by the electrode cleaning effect.

(based on the notice of the Ministry of Environment)

▪︎ Within level 1


▪︎ Within level 1 of disinfection by-product
▪︎ Analyzes and measures the concentration of HOCL produced in real-time (OSA500S)
▪︎ Displays temperature and concentration of incoming diluted brine in real-time
▪︎ Produces high-quality HOCL by circulating mixing of brine and cooled electrolyte, suppresses scale, and saves salt and energy.
▪︎ Increased durability of equipment without mechanical vibration as hydrogen is discharged separately

Recent application cases

▪︎ Water Resources Corporation Purification Plant 2 in Gwangju
▪︎ Purification Plant in Cheonsang Ulsan
▪︎ No-wash Seawater Electrolysis System in Pyeongtaek Base of Korea Gas Corporation