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Creative skills and passion!

We will become a leading player in the water industry, the source of life


Compete in a changing technological world

The History


Certification of Excellent Product
: Electrolysed Water Circulation On-Site Sodium Hypochlorite Generating System
Patent registration No. 10-2353087


Selected as a Green New Deal Promising Company 100 (Ministry of Environment)
Designated as an innovative product (No. 2021-161) (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
Awarded the Minister of Environment Award – Field of excellent technology commercialization
Agreement of family business of Korea Fusion Energy Research Institute and technology transfer


Certification of excellent R&D innovative products
Certification of Inno-BIZ company


The new addition of performance certification by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups


Design registration No. 30-0939231
Designated as a quality certification (Q-Mark) company by Korea Testing & Research Institute
Patent registration No. 10-1931746


Patent registration No. 10-1714587


Performance certified by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups
Patent registration No. 10-1660835


06. Selected as Gyeongbuk TF Pride 100 company - Daegu Techno Park
04. Confirmed as a Green specialized company (No. GE - No. 15-00012) - Minister of Environment
04. Confirmed as a Green technology product (No. GTP - 15-00091) - Minister of Environment
04. Patent Registration No. 10-1510455 - Korean Intellectual Property Office
02. Joined the Korea Professional Construction Association - Korea Professional Construction Association
01. Singed an Industry-University Agreement with Kyungpook National University - Kyungpook National University
01. Gyeongbuk Employers' Federation Steering Committee - Gyeongbuk Employers' Federation


09. Certified as a Green technology (No. GT-14-00163) - Minister of Environment
08. Registered a license for water and sewage construction business – Yeongju-si
07. Citation - Commendation from the head of the Daegu Regional Employment and Labor Office - Director of the Daegu Labor Office
06. Selected as an “Energy (hydrogen) recycling high efficiency sodium hypochlorite generator” the first industry university collaboration project - Small and Medium Business Administration
03. Patent Registration No. 10-1378917 “High-efficiency NaOCl generator with electrolyte circulation” - Korean Intellectual Property Office
01. Registered as a Family Company of Andong University – Andong University
01. Certified as a venture company (R&D company) - Small and Medium Business Corporation


05. Registered as a Public Procurement Service Electronic Bidding Participating Company (G2B) - Public Procurement Service
04. Established an affiliated research institute - Korea Industrial Technology Association
04. ISO9001 Management System Certification - SBC Certification
01. Patent Registration No. 10-1226640 “High concentration sodium hypochlorite generator” - Korean Intellectual Property Office


04. Certification of direct production (sodium hypochlorite generator, drug injector, chlorine injector)
- Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business
02. Certified as Women’s Enterprise - Korea Women Entrepreneurs Association Open in Google Translate


12. Registered a plant in the agricultural industrial complex – Yeongju-si
11. J.TECH Co., Ltd established - Yeongju Tax Office