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Sodium hypochlorite generator &
Various Water treatment device

Sodium hypochlorite generator

(Excellent R&D innovative products 2020-015)

Scale-free cell technology with electrolyte circulation
(Green Smart™)

It is J.TECH Co., Ltd.’s Green Smart™ high-efficiency NaOCl generator with electrolyte circulation and a safe, eco-friendly disinfectant generator installed at the site where chlorine disinfection is required and produces a salt-free solution by electrolyzing brine.

Features of NaOCL Generator with electrolyte circulation (Green Smart™)


With electrolysis water circulation, constant temperature control (15℃~35℃) of the electrolysis tank all year round, it produces high-quality anti-salt in accordance with the first-class ingredient standards of the Ministry of Environment (No. 2013-188).


An eco-friendly electrode, wash-free technology that does not require periodic hydrochloric acid cleaning of electrodes with the “electrode cleaning effect” that absorbs and removes the electrode scale by mixing it with diluted brine during repeated circulation of electrolyzed water.


“Saves salt by reusing salt during circulation at high concentration”


Supports optional operation of NaOCl concentration (Type 1, 8,000ppm/10,000ppm) (Selected by the user)


Supports measurement of NaOCl concentration (residual chlorine) produced (OSA500S, selected by the user)


Reducing the internal pressure of the electrolysis tank that separates and discharges hydrogen reduces vibration and noise, thereby increasing the durability of the device.