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Sodium hypochlorite generator &
Various Water treatment device

On-line Sodium Hypochlorite Concentration Analyzer

(Patent: 10-2182384 ,
Innovation Product: 2021-161)

Measurement range: 0.4%~15%) Real-time differential spectroscopy (effective chlorine)

After spectroscopic analysis of the concentration change of chlorine-injected disinfectant solution, such as on-site produced or commercially available tea salt used for disinfection of water purification, etc. It is a device that measures the concentration of tea salt stock solution, and displays the measured concentration value after real-time analysis of the concentration variation of tea salt, a monitoring item.

▪︎ Display the NaClO concentration after real-time analysis of concentration variance by spectral optical method
▪︎ Real-time NaClO (effective chlorine) concentration variance measurement
– Management of real-time NaClO concentration and by-products
– Monitoring real-time operating status of the NaClO Generator
▪︎ Remote transmission of concentration variance value (ICT convergence)
▪︎ Spectral optical method (measuring range : 0.4%~15%)