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J.TECH Laboratory


“Moved into National Water Industry Cluster of Daegu and
contributed to commercializing the use of local infrastructure”

Layer 1

J.TECH Lab is located within 12m from the
demonstration facility across the road.

Layer 1

Daegu National Water Industry Cluster

▪︎ Demonstration plant
▪︎ Consumer design area
▪︎ Comprehensive Pipe Network Testing Facility

Local infrastructure

▪︎ Using ICT infrastructure made locally
▪︎ Daegu- Machinery/Parts/Water Industry
▪︎ Gyeongbuk- Mobile / Battery Electronics
▪︎ Using Kyungpook National University’s Optical Application Infrastructure – Family Business
▪︎ DYETEC Research Institute – Using Daegu Water Industry Support Center

"Utilizing Daegu National Water Industry Cluster infrastructure, Yeongju-si support, etc. / Commercialization of patented technology"